Every Australian has the right to a happy healthy life. 

Yet our fastest growing chronic disease, diabetes, is not making that possible for us all. In fact, our next generation of children are expected to live a shorter life than that of their parents.

We believe things can change, and feel compelled to act. That is why we have created Hit 100 to empower you with a complete meal solution supported by a simple yet scientifically-robust 100 points system, to make managing diabetes just that little bit easier. 

Launching mid 2015.


Meal times made easy.


Hit 100 has brought together the heaviest hitters in the diabetes world to devise an easy, yet scientifically robust 100 point system that will encourage healthy behaviours and simplify meal times.
Essentially, we have taken away frustration and confusion, and replaced it with a simple food points system to empower you with the knowledge, skills and tools to live life to the fullest - just Hit 100!



Your complete


meal system.


As part of our commitment to improve diabetes care globally, 
Hit 100 will donate 10% of all profits to diabetes charities.



Our commitment.


The founding team.

Some early comments.

Having the guess work taken out of meal times will make my life a whole lot easier ”

Person with type II diabetes, NSW


" This would be ideal for me. It would save time, waste and basic errors ”

Person with type I diabetes, VIC


I wish this was already in action before I fell pregnant! 

Person with gestational diabetes, NSW


As a health professional, it would be useful to learn more about this for my patients 

Doctor, Vic


Good to know a company dealing with the condition, will support the conditions’ charities ”

Person with type II diabetes, NSW

Karn Ghosh

Rishabh Mehrotra

Dr. Sam Prince

Andrew Gray

Your complete diabetes 
management solution. 

Launching mid 2015 

We have listened, and we understand that meal times are a challenge. 
That is why we are beginning with an affordable, convenient and nutritious complete meal system, delivered to your doorstep. 

You can rest assured that a team of experts has done all of the planning and thinking for you, to allow you to simply heat and eat!

We care about your health. That is why we will also provide you complete access to the Hit 100 App and website, where you can take advantage of diabetes-specific educational materials and also track and measure your daily food points. 

Privacy Policy

You must be concerned about your privacy if you are reading this message. Your time is valuable so we'll keep it simple.

1. We collect your email address and no other information from you.

2. We'll use this information by adding you to our list of interested customers, send you occasional newsletters that include an opt-out link, and let you know when our service is ready to use.

3. We promise not to transfer your information to 3rd party services that are not directly required for us to perform business.

4. Every email we send will include a link to opt-out of any future communication. You can also contact karn@hit100.com.au directly if you wish for your data to be 100% deleted.

That's all for now! This policy may be changed in the future, but we realise that you're paying us with your attention and it's our goal to respect that transaction.


Convenient, affordable, home-delivered food 

An easy to follow food points system

Health management resources

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We Believe Things Can Change.
Launching Mid 2015

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