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How It Works

  • Create Your Health Profile

    Create Your Health Profile

    It takes 60 seconds to tailor our program to your health needs

  • Choose Your Food Box

    Choose Your Food Box

    We deliver nourishing meals to your doorstep

  • Track and Earn Points

    Track and Earn Points

    Earn points for healthy eating and aim to Hit 100 points a day!

  • Improve Your Health

    Improve Your Health

    Have more time for the things you love!

A Day in the Life of Debbie

  • Breakfast Breakfast
    Muesli with Yoghurt & Fruit
    28 Points
  • Snack Snack
    Reduced Fat Latte
    8 Points
  • Snack Snack
    Hit100 Red Apple
    6 Points
  • Lunch Lunch
    Hit100 Lamb & Sweet Potato Casserole
    33 Points
  • Snack Snack
    Hit100 Apricot, Almond & Amaranth Bar
    10 Points
  • Dinner Dinner
    Small Pad Thai
    15 Points
  • Total Daily Points 100 Points

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