How Dietitian Coaching Can Support You and Your Family

If you’ve heard of ‘dietitian coaching’, you might think it’s simply about food diaries and trying to get people eating perfectly. Well, think again! In this article, we look at the huge impact that dietitian coaching can have on people and families living with disability – and why it’s about so much more than just knowing what to eat!

What is dietitian coaching?
First up, let’s go back to basics and focus on what dietitian coaching involves.
A dietitian is a qualified health professional who is specially trained in nutrition and eating
behaviours. Dietitian coaching involves you and your family working closely with a dietitian, learning the practical skills to plan, prepare and cook healthy meals that match your needs and health goals. It's not about absolute perfection but it's coaching you to make better choices and arming you with the skills that you need.

A Hit 100 dietitian can work with you in your own home or remotely via phone or Skype. They can
help you with:
 Meal preparation and cooking
 Meal planning
 Practical healthy eating advice
 Family nutrition and ‘fussy eating’
 Shopping tours
 Chronic disease management
 Weight loss
 Food intolerances and allergies
 Group education sessions
 Training and education for carers

In addition to helping you grow your skills in the kitchen, your dietitian will work with you to
recommend which meals from the Hit 100 meal delivery service are best for your needs, goals and preferences. When you don’t feel like cooking, our healthy, portion-controlled meals are a great alternative to unhealthy takeaways or ‘boring’ dinners – so you can eat delicious meals while staying on track with your health goals!

How can dietitian coaching benefit you?
From a healthier lifestyle to greater independence, dietitian coaching can have a major impact on
the life of someone with a disability. Whether it’s for you, your child, or a person you care for, here
are some of the benefits that dietitian coaching can bring:

 Lead an independent life
One of the biggest advantages of our dietitian coaching and healthy meal delivery service is the
independence it gives you. Even with a few basic cooking skills and a simple understanding of
positive food choices, you’ll be able to live more independently and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
That’s the power of food!

 Make healthy food choices
You’ll learn about the health benefits of different foods, and how to select foods and meals that
are best for you and your specific needs. Using this knowledge, you can make sure you’re eating
a nutritionally-balanced diet, which is essential for a healthy and happy life.

 Gain confidence in the kitchen
Working with your dietitian, you’ll gain invaluable skills in food preparation and cooking your
own healthy meals. Concerned that you’re a terrible cook? Don’t worry! You’ll soon learn that
whipping up fresh, nutritious meals can be quick, simple and even fun!

 Be in control of what you eat
Armed with your new-found culinary skills and food knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the best
meals for your needs and select foods that align with your health goals. Plus, you can stay in
control of your diet by always having healthy Hit 100 meals on-hand in your freezer.

 Try new foods
As you learn more about different foods in a hands-on environment, you can start adding variety
to your diet. Perhaps you’ll discover new foods you hadn’t tried but really enjoy – or maybe
you’ll learn to cook dishes you never would have eaten before.


Dietitian Coaching in Action: Nathan’s Story

18-year- old Nathan has an intellectual disability and had been living in a nursing home for ten years. Although both Nathan and his mum were keen for him to move into a place of his own, having never learnt to cook, it would have been very difficult for Nathan to take proper care of himself. But all that changed when Nathan started working with a Hit 100 dietitian. With her support, Nathan learned how to cook healthy, nutritious meals that were right for his needs. And through hands-on experience, he was also able to taste different foods for himself, which helped him grow his confidence in planning, preparing and cooking meals that he enjoyed.
Equipped with these essential skills, Nathan was able to move into a group home, where he now lives independently – a great result for both Nathan and his mum. 

How can you get started with dietitian coaching?
Getting started with Hit 100’s dietitian coaching services is simple – plus, it’s supported by your NDIS funding! Fill in your details below or call us on 1300 448 100 to learn more about dietitian coaching. Chat to our friendly team about arranging dietitian coaching for yourself, your family, or someone you care for.