Our top 5 tips for a healthier, happier Christmas

There’s no doubt Christmas is a time to enjoy beautiful food with our loved ones. For most of us, that means an average of 2-3 extra kilos at Christmas time!

Here’s our top tips to help you have a healthier Christmas

1.    Include healthy options on platters and decorate them with a Christmas theme. We’ve included a few pictures on our pinterest board to help inspire you here

When healthy food is decorated to a theme, it still feels like a treat rather than eating full fat, high sugar treats!

2.    Get variety on your plate with an array of vegetables and salad instead of lots of different meats. Choose one protein and go nuts with the salad choices instead.

3.    Cracker right! Some crackers are really high in fat. Choose water crackers and crisp breads which are lower fat options

4.   Christmas and New Year is a time for treating yourself but treating doesn’t need to mean "eating." Enjoy non-food related treats for you and the kids. Spoil yourself with a massage, pedicure or flowers. For the kids, go for stickers, bubbles and temporary tattoos.

5. Stock up on healthy Hit 100 meals to keep in the freezer so on days when you don’t have an event, you know you have a delicious healthy meal waiting for you (which requires minimal preparation! Bonus!)