The NDIS is busily rolling out around Australia, but you might not know everything about the new system. Here are five things that might be news to you…

1.     You can get a review of your plan

Your NDIS plan isn’t locked in permanently. If there’s a significant change in your life or your support needs have shifted, then you can get a review at any time. For all participants after 12 months, a plan review is scheduled to discuss new interest areas or opportunities and make sure your supports are on track, running smoothly and adding value to your life. Request a plan review here. 

You can also change your service providers at any time without needing to wait for a scheduled review, simply contact the NDIA to let them know.   

2.     You can receive health services

Not everyone is fully aware that the NDIS will fund health services. For example, under your plan you can work with a Hit 100 dietitian who can support your health and wellbeing and help you to become more independent and active in your community. Give us a call on 1300 448 100 to chat about what we offer.

3.     You get to choose the services you would like to receive

The NDIS provides a far greater amount of choice and control for people with disability about the support providers they use. The only stipulation is that the services relate to your disability and are reasonable and necessary. Services that are funded by the NDIS include education, employment, social participation, independence, living arrangements and health and wellbeing.

4.     You get to choose the providers you want to work with

Under the NDIS you get to choose the individuals and organisations to support you to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling, independent life. If you want to get your nutrition on track, our team at Hit 100 can help, or you could choose your own behaviour therapist or even a builder to modify your home. Check out our handy guide to choosing the right providers here.

5.     You plan is a work in progress

The NDIS is constantly evolving, and you and your plan will grow along with it. The way your NDIS plan looks now, shouldn’t reflect how it will always look. Stay informed about changes to the system, technology advances, as well as your own changing needs and preferences. At Hit 100 our services are designed to be individualised and tailored to your needs as they change over time.