Nutrition can be complicated and challenging but our team of passionate and qualified dietitians are here to help you navigate the maze of supermarket food labels, dietary advice and meal options. Everyone has unique needs and taste buds so we suggest booking a face-to-face meeting or set up a Skype or phone chat and we can personalise a program that suits your lifestyle, age-group or health needs.

Our friendly team is experienced in working with people with a range of disabilities, and can support your goals; whether it’s to lose a few kilos, improve your overall eating habits, manage a chronic condition or simply get a little extra support for mealtimes.

Got a busy family life? Our dietitians love working with busy parents to improve their family nutrition and satisfy fussy eaters. If you’re looking for more independence in your home kitchen, we can arrange grocery shopping tours that will have your trolley filled with fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and other healthy options. Afterwards, we can help out with meal prep and cooking guidance.

We know that nutrition is not always straightforward, and our dietitians are well-versed in food intolerances and allergies to manage healthy eating around these conditions. We offer a range of group education sessions, training and education for carers, and a to-the-door meal delivery service.

Call us on 1300 448 100 or email hello@hit100.com.au to start your journey to health and wellness journey today.