Are you just starting out with the NDIS? Are you about to start a new plan? Have you considered utilising the NDIS to improving your overall health and wellbeing? 

Hit 100 is a new service, we offer access to trained dietitians and healthy, home-style meal delivery through the NDIS. Previously, dietary support was difficult to access through funding, but under the NDIS you now have the choice and control to tailor your plan to make a positive, long-term lifestyle change.

Here are five ways Hit 100’s meals and dietitians can fit into your NDIS plan:

Healthy choice

Hit 100 isn’t here to replace your formal supports, but rather to support you to live a healthier lifestyle and guide you towards better healthy food choices. After all, eating well is important to living well.

Dietary support

With so many conflicting nutritional messages out there today, it’s not easy to maintain a healthy diet. Our service can support your efforts to eat well, by providing a delicious daily meal delivery service which ticks all the nutritional boxes, alongside trained dietitians who offer friendly and disability specific advice on a wide range of dietary needs, including strategies for fussy or picky eating, weight loss, balancing medication or managing a chronic condition.

Peace of mind

Hit 100 takes the stress out of mealtimes. Our dietitians offer practical behind-the- scenes advice and support to ease anxiety around eating. Our services include guided supermarket tours, meal planning and everyday tips on meal preparation and balanced eating specifically for people with disability and their families. 

Circle of support

Hit 100 also boosts access to the community through increased fitness, confidence and greater independence. We fit into your current circle of support by providing ongoing, long-term dietary support, so you can live a more holistic life. 

Meeting goals

Your NDIS plan will be centered around your key goals and Hit 100 is focused on supporting you to meet your goals by taking care of your nutritional health and empowering you to live a happy, healthy and dignified life.

Call us on 1300 448 100 or email to start your journey to health and wellness journey today.