Meal Planning: A Simple Trick for Healthy Eating

You might have heard the saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail” – but did you know this little phrase could be referring to your diet? In this article, we’ll show you how the simple act of meal planning can help you stay on track with healthy eating – and how Hit 100 can make reaching your health goals even easier (and tastier!).

What is meal planning?

As the name suggests, meal planning involves planning out your meals in advance. This can be as simple as writing down a list of what you’re going to eat, based on your dietary needs, preferences and health goals.

A Hit 100 dietitian can work with you to develop a meal plan that’s right for you, based on your specific requirements. This could include a range of healthy home-delivered meals from our tasty menu, as well as health coaching to help you improve your food knowledge and cooking skills.

How can meal planning help you?

First, let’s look at a scenario without a meal plan:

You’ve had a busy day and dinnertime is fast approaching. As you didn’t plan ahead, you haven’t shopped for food or ordered a healthy ready-made meal from Hit 100. Hungry and keen for something quick, you end up opting for an unhealthy takeaway – you know it’s not the best option health-wise, but your lack of planning means it’s the only convenient choice.

How could things have been improved with a meal plan?

After a hectic day, it’s time for dinner. As you wrote down your meal plan at the start of the week, you’re fully prepared with everything you need to whip up a healthy dinner – or perhaps you’ve got a delicious meal from Hit 100 waiting for you at home! Equipped with your meal plan, sticking to a healthy diet is a breeze, as you know you’ve always got tasty, nutritious meals to hand.

What are the benefits of meal planning?

A meal plan can help you:

  • Stay on target: Whatever your health goals, meal planning will allow you to work out nutritious meals that fit your needs. What’s more, the specific act of writing your plan down makes it more likely you’ll stick to it. A good reason to put pen to paper!
  • Waste less: Planning your meals in advance means you won’t waste as much food, as you only need to buy or order what you know you’re going to eat. You could save money too!
  • Save time: With a meal plan, you can shop for your week’s food in one go. Plus, slotting in healthy home-delivered meals from Hit 100 means we’ll do all the work for you!
  • Eat meals you enjoy: Create a plan that suits you, with healthy foods you love to eat. And with Hit 100’s delicious menu – including chicken tikka masala and Thai green curry – you can add in convenient, home-delivered meals that are packed with goodness and flavour. Yum!

How can you get started with meal planning?

If you’d like advice and support around meal planning, Hit 100’s dietitians are here to help. Speak to our friendly team today about our NDIS-funded services – why not start by checking out our menu, to discover the delicious, nutritious meals that could be included in your very own meal plan!