Taste the Blue and Purple Colours of the Rainbow!

Last week we introduced all the different colours of fruits and veggies that make up the colours of the rainbow. We also learnt about the special phytochemicals that give them their unique colour and vital nutrients.

We explored the vibrant group of red fruits and veggies and all their nutritious antioxidant properties that make them so good for you.  Did you enjoy adding some deep red colours to your meals?

This week we are going to discover blue and purple fruits and vegetables!

Did you know that colours can affect your mood and appetite?  Studies have suggested that certain colours can make you feel a certain way when you see them.  Cool colours like blue and purple, can help people to feel calm and relaxed. This might also be the reason why researchers have revealed that peoples’ most favourite colours are blue and purple!

So, what gives blue and purple fruits and vegetables their beautiful, rich colour?

A phytochemical called Anthocyanin.

Did you know that plants produce anthocyanins to protect their cells from damage caused by UV radiation?

The very same phytochemical also plays a key role in protecting our bodies! Anthocyanins are part of a group of flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants with many health benefits.  

Some of these health benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties
  • Aid in protection against heart disease by reducing atherosclerosis (hardening of our arteries)
  • Reduction in risk of diabetes
  • Vitamin C: protects our cells and aids absorption of iron
  • Fibre: beneficial for our digestive system and bowel health

So, which fruits and vegetables contain all these healthy nutrients?


Try adding some of these yummy blue and purple colours to your snacks and meals this week!

Keep an eye out for next week’s blog, as we will add to our rainbow with orange fruits and veggies. 

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