Taste the Green Colours of the Rainbow!

Why is the colour green so important?

Green signifies nature, life, youth and hope.  Did you know that green is the second most popular colour after blue?

Green represents ‘go’ in traffic signals and is also known as a “safe” colour worldwide.  Have you noticed that fire escape exit signs and first-aid equipment are also coloured green?

The pigment in green vegetables is called chlorophyll, which is one of the most important molecules in Earth’s biology! Green plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen required for life.  Green fruits are vegetables are also extremely good for our health.

Have you ever been told to eat more greens but don’t know why?

Let’s have a look at some of the main essential nutrients and their health benefits that are present in greens:

  • Vitamin K: essential nutrient necessary for out body to respond to injuries – it regulates normal blood clotting

  • Potassium: helps lower blood pressure which can be a major risk factor for stroke and heart disease

  • Rich in dietary fibre: increasing our fibre intake has been linked to lower rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers

  • Folate: prevents neural tube defects as well as plays an important role in the reduction of chronic disease risk.

Here are some delicious, healthy greens to add to your diet:


Not only is it beneficial to add more greens to your meals but next time you’re outdoors, try and spend some time around plants and trees.  Studies have shown that spending time amongst greenery has mental health and stress relief benefits.

We love the colour green!

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