Meet Ricky, a Hit 100 hero

At Hit 100 we have lots of incredible customers, but sometimes we come across a story that’s so inspiring we want to share it with you. This is one of those stories...


Ricky’s life changed overnight back in 2000, after he contracted a blood infection while working. Initially misdiagnosed as the flu, Ricky found himself unable to get out of bed, and his siblings found him unconscious at home. Rushed to Liverpool Hospital, Ricky fell into a coma where he stayed for three months, fed through a tube just to stay alive. Ricky suffered five mini strokes while he was there, and needed so much extra care when he woke that he had to stay in hospital for another six months. He lost nine months of his life in the hospital, and when he was eventually allowed to leave, Ricky faced life with a catheter and massive amounts of medication.

The mad Tiger’s supporter from South West Sydney (he should be a Bulldog’s fan, right?), has been incredibly lucky to have the support of his eight brothers and sisters  throughout his long recovery, but the years since he left hospital have been really tough.

He lost his job, and in his own words, "grew so unmotivated and lazy. It was my own fault, but it was like a spiral. I didn't get out of bed, I never walked more than 170 steps a day, I had a short temper, didn't want to leave the house, and the weight just poured on. I wasn’t motivated to change because I didn't even know where to even life changed literally overnight due to that infection."

Ricky November 2017 (left) compared to May 2018 (right)

Ricky November 2017 (left) compared to May 2018 (right)

Ricky stumbled across Hit 100 on Facebook and decided to try us after seeing that we were able to provide a more holistic health solution that consisted of regular meals delivered to his home plus personalised dietitian coaching to support him while he got his health back on track. Through his Hit 100 dietitian Caitlin, he’s learnt about the different food groups, portion control, and what types of food are suited for him and his goals.

Ricky was 187kg when he started with Hit 100 in February 2018.  Just five months later, he’s 148kg - and he’s not stopping there! Before Hit 100 Ricky was only walking around 170 steps per day, and now he’s up to 5000. His goal is to reach 100kg and with his commitment to exercise and healthy eating - we have no doubt he’ll get there!

"My outlook has changed, and so has my attitude. I have energy, my cholesterol has gone down, and soon I’ll be off those cholesterol pills. My sugar levels have decreased and i'm just feeling better, healthier and stronger. My siblings have all commented on how much I’ve changed and how different I look. It's exciting and I want to continue to see this through. I'm 55 and I wish I could have done this sooner. The NDIS and Hit 100 has also been such a huge support for me, without it, I don't know what I would have done to come out of the spiral I was in."


Hit 100 will be following Ricky's journey throughout the year and we are determined to help him reach his goal weight. Get ready - you'll be seeing more of him in the coming months.

Hit 100 CEO, Karn with our Hit 100 Hero Ricky at his home in Fairfield

Hit 100 CEO, Karn with our Hit 100 Hero Ricky at his home in Fairfield

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