The Hit 100 market-led food solution for the NDIS market

Hit 100 was founded on an underlying philosophy of ‘food as medicine’ and bringing a clinical, accessible and tailored approach to health and nutrition for our under served communities. If we want to see our customers reach their health goals, live healthy life years and manage chronic and preventable illness, then it makes sense for them to start with what they are putting inside their bodies each and every day. For this reason the team is SO EXCITED to be launching our new and improved line of main meals that have been in development over the past year through the hard work of so many incredible team members. We asked our Head Clinical Dietitian Ally Tagg to talk through this process, so that our customers can better understand the benefits behind this new menu.

(Left) Ally our head clinical dietitian and (Right) Hannah, one of our field dietitians

(Left) Ally our head clinical dietitian and (Right) Hannah, one of our field dietitians

The new menu comes with a promise, a free dietitian consultation where our clinicians can prescribe a meal solution tailored specifically for your long term health needs. The Hit 100 new menu is THE HEALTHIEST in meal delivery options in the Australian market today and has been specifically designed to meet long term health goals. Our clinicians play a key part in our solution to drive positive behavioural change towards healthier decisions for customers, help in tracking their outcomes and ultimately see them reach their health goals.

“The more we got to know our customers the more we wanted to do for them and they were the real inspiration behind the new product”. The Hit 100 team conducted an extensive menu review to make sure current evidence-based nutrition research formed part of our new products. Equally as important to this process was evaluating our customers’ requirements, health needs and food preferences.

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What were the key considerations that went into the development of the new menu line?

The main considerations that went into the development of the new product line were first and foremost, our customer’s current health needs and our promise to provide a wider variety of choice to them. Secondly, we wanted a way we could individualise the meal plans and lastly, as a business a major part of our vision is addressing preventative health care in this country.

What are you most proud about, in regards to the new product line?

About 6 months ago, our team conducted an exhaustive review of all available evidence to determine the best and most up-to-date nutrition guidelines for our customers. We also included in these guidelines, ways to address the main nutrition concerns of our customers. From this, the team created the recipes for our new menu, which were then sampled and worked on over several months until we got the recipes to taste just right. What am I most proud of? This is our first step towards our food-first, preventative solution to health care that also tastes amazing!

What makes this product line stand out from the competition?

That these meals have been designed to meet the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Hit 100 also have our own very strict nutritional guidelines which include requirements for vegetables, lean protein, energy, saturated fat, sugars, fibre and sodium.

What are 3 products at top of your recommendation list?

There are so many to choose from, but when i’ve been in our warehouse overseeing samples, the Asian Fish and Coconut Curry and the Chilli Con Carne were my definite favourites! I’m excited to say that we do have a wider variety of fish and vegetarian options as well!

If someone needed one reason “why” to pick Hit 100 what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Wouldn’t you want to get healthier by eating food that’s convenient, cost-effective and tastes amazing? Our co-payment for main meals are now only $2 per main meal, which puts a little less pressure on our customers around meal times.

So how did you approach improving nutrient content whilst maintaining taste?

By following the most up to date Australian Guide to Healthy Eating we have gone above and beyond to produce a range of products that covers all requirements but focuses on increasing the good and decreasing the bad; whilst keeping flavor (this was done through a lot of trial-and-error sampling). Such as:

  1. Provide options that consist of a wide variety of nutritious foods (vegetables, legumes, beans, fruits, grains, lean meats, milks, yoghurts, cheese and dairy substitutes).  

  2. Limiting meals’ content of saturated fat, added salt and added sugar.

This has enabled us to make it easier for our clients to put their health first and in turn giving them more energy for whatever else is happens in their lives. Strong scientific research backs the importance of low sodium, low saturated fat and low added sugar in diets to assist in the management of many chronic illnesses.

So how does it work?

With the assistance of our clinical support team, an individualised meal plan is created for our customers that suits your nutritional and health needs but also your personal tastes.


Hit 100’s new menu launches in June! Keep posted via FACEBOOK and our WEBSITE on updates and promotions

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