How Hit 100 works with your local GPs and health professionals

Hit 100 works in collaboration with our customer's circle of support whether it be allied health professionals, GPs, other medical doctors and support coordinators to design personalised nutrition solutions to help them reach their health goals.

What you eat forms the basics of your everyday health and nutrition and through Hit 100's dietitian designed home delivered meals we are empowering individuals to make healthy, sustainable behaviour changes in the food they eat, that allow them to live more independently, manage their chronic illness, recover from a hospital stay and have the energy to fulfill their health goals. We also track our customers outcomes and provide the support each person needs at every step of that journey.

Dr Dang Vu Tran, General Practitioner (GP) at Medlife Medical Centre in Fairfield

Dr Dang Vu Tran, General Practitioner (GP) at Medlife Medical Centre in Fairfield

We work to raise awareness of our service to GP's and pictured above is Dr Dang Vu Tran who has been the doctor of one of our customers Ricky Japp for 12 years. His testimonial about how much Ricky's health has improved from being on a Hit 100 program is encouraging especially for his future patients looking to be more pro-active about their own health. 

"I've been Ricky's medical doctor for 12 years and i've never seen him in better shape than he is today. He has always been overweight and like many of my patients it is really hard to get started when you're use to eating junk food and unhealthy take away. It becomes a habit. At 55 years old, Ricky is an inspiration and testament to changing your behaviour no matter your age. When I asked him about what he was doing he told me about Hit 100's health solution through home delivered meals and dietitian support and advice. His motivation to loose weight and get healthy at 55 years old proves anyone can do it! By loosing excess weight he has also lowered his blood sugar levels and decreased his cholesterol - I hope that he soon comes off his cholesterol tablets." 
Ricky (left) November 2017, compared to (right) Ricky in May 2018

Ricky (left) November 2017, compared to (right) Ricky in May 2018

So why do we do what we do? We know that: 

  • 69% of Australians with a disability are considered overweight or obese alongside 53% also suffering from avoidable chronic disease

  • 58 years is the average life expectancy of a person with a severe or profound disability in Australia.

Hit 100 is a health care business at its core and was founded upon the fundamental belief that everyone deserves the right to a happy, healthy life. All too often people living with a disability struggle to access the very necessities of life – one being, healthy food. 1 in 5 Australians living with a disability are subject to poorer health than their non-disabled peers across a range of preventable illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, chronic illness, mental health (WHO & World Bank Group 2011).  

If you are an allied health professional that is keen to know more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can come out and visit your clinic! 

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