How does a dietitian work with your NDIS plan?


We all know the basics;
Eat more vegetables
Eat more
whole grains
Eat less processed food
Remove foods high in added sugar.

These all seem like simple guidelines that can be applied to your daily eating habits, but taking charge of your nutrition often leaves people feeling overwhelmed. Navigating food aisles in busy supermarkets, trying to understand food labels and learning new skills in the kitchen are all daunting tasks for most.

How can you approach this new adventure when you're already faced with different barriers within your life?

We spoke to our Head Clinical Dietitian, Ally to find out exactly how our Hit 100 dietitians out in the field make an impact on our clients living with a disability.

“Dietitians are the experts in food and nutrition. They know how food can be used to help treat and manage a wide range of conditions and develop a clear plan for our client to reach their goals.”

Nutrition is personal, and the foundation of our dietary habits are formed early. Often influenced by culture, social interactions, physical ability and emotional bonds. Despite popular belief a dietitian is not just a resource for weight loss, but a supportive figure with the ability to create healthier habits, build your capacity by helping you develope new skill sets and introduce resources that will create positive lifelong changes.

The Hit 100 clinical team work with people living with a disability who have a range of goals and are experienced in working with people who have a range of barriers that affect their everyday life. We work in conjunction with your health care practitioners and provide a supportive environment that enables you to develop confidence and the ability to thrive.

Some of our services include;

  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Grocery Shopping Tours
  • Cooking Classes and Meal Preparation
  • Education for Carers
  • Skype Sessions

Whether your goal is to lose a few kilos, improve your overall eating habits, manage a chronic condition or simply get a little extra support at mealtimes. Whatever your starting point, our team will be there to help you cross the finish line.

Your NDIS plan fully funds dietitian consultations under Capacity Building within Improved Health and Wellbeing.  

Call us on 1300 448 100 or email to start your journey today!