Hydration Part 2: Join the water challenge!

We have all been told time and time again to drink water regularly throughout the day.  But – did you know that there are lots of foods that can provide water and hydrate you as well?  It is recommended that we consume at least 20% of our water intake from food.

Below are the guidelines from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. PLEASE NOTE: Fluid needs vary with age, gender, weather, activity level, and overall health, therefore fluid requirements change person to person. If you are unsure of your daily water requirements, please consult your health professional. If your health professional has spoken with you about your fluid requirements already, please follow their recommendations.

daily water intake table.jpg

Drinking water can be hard and easy to forget sometimes.  But don’t stress, we have some fun ways you can make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.  

Take your drink bottle to the next level by coming up with your own timed drinking goals. Using a permanent marker draw out how much water you would like to drink by certain times throughout the day.  This will enable you to see and monitor how much you are drinking as well as play little games with yourself to motivate you to get to the next label on time!

Using your phone set alarms as a reminder to drink at certain times throughout the day. If you have a Fitbit or use Myfitnesspal you can track your water intake within the app’s and set goals for yourself.

Add some flavour to your water with slices of fresh fruit. Slice up some lemon, fruit or cucumber and add it to your water to add some taste, colour and some additional vitamins and minerals.

For those of you who are not water lovers – there is great news.  You can eat your water!

Some fruits and vegetables have a high-water content which can help you meet your daily water requirements.  Try one of the ten Hit 100 meals such as our Tomato, Vegetable & Risoni Soup or our Chicken & Spinach Casserole that contains high-density water ingredients combined with other great nutrients. 

Developing habits can be difficult when you first start, but research suggests that it takes 21 days for us to form a habit.  Every change no matter how small, every day, is a move in the right direction towards better health and a more energised life!

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