Reducing Sugar Part 2: 5 reasons sugar is getting you down.

In the first edition of our 'Reducing Sugar' series we spoke about the amount of sugar hidden in common foods. But why should we limit the amount of free sugars we eat and drink? 

We spoke with our Hit 100 Dietitian's to find out 5 ways hidden sugars affect your body!  



1.    What goes up must come down. 
Sugars higher glycemic index increases your bodies blood sugar at a rapid rate. Just the same as gravity, when your blood sugar rises it’s also going to lower and sugar makes you crash... HARD! 

Have you noticed that the more sugar you have, the more you want?  For most of us, sugar can be very addictive. When we eat sugar, it triggers our brains to release endorphins that make us want to eat more, leaving you in a vicious cycle with your blood sugar levels. 

2.    When we crash, we burn.
Sugar not only affects your energy, but it can destroy your focus too. Our concentration, mood and even our decision making is affected as our bodies start to crave more sugar to get our blood sugar back to normal levels.  

3.    You are what you eat.
According to The World Health Organisation, foods with a higher sugar content are often low in nutrients and high in calories, leaving your body lacking in vital nutrients essential to brain function, immune health and overall well-being. An excess in caloric intake can lead down a road of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle-related chronic conditions. 

4.    The damage isn’t just internal
Eating too much sugar increases your risk of dental cavities (tooth decay). Severe dental cavities can impair your quality of life as they may result in difficulty eating, sleeping and cause chronic pain.  Avoiding sugar and brushing regularly protects our precious teeth! 

5.    It could be making you sad.
Research has tied heavy sugar consumption to an increased risk of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Sugars interaction with the body can cause blurry vision, difficulty thinking and fatigue, all of which may be interpreted as signs of anxiety or depression. Studies have shown sugar may even prevent the body’s ability to cope with stress, leaving those affected with an inability to cope with daily activities.

Taking the steps now to reduce your daily sugar intake will ultimately reduce your risk of chronic illness and improve your moods, productivity and energy levels. Small changes can make a large impact and the Hit 100 clinical team are here to help you along your journey to better health.

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