The 6 steps to complete health

Did you know that health is more than just physical?

In total there are 6 elements of complete health, all of which influence our life in different ways. Complete health goes beyond how we think, feel and act. It is a state of being where all elements of our well-being are in balance.

6 elements of health.png

So how do we make sure we are looking after all elements of our health?

Here are 6 simple tasks you can incorporate into your life to ensure you are working towards complete health.

Physical Health – Move your body each day and Fill your body with nutritious food
Engaging in healthy behaviour such as being active, getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet will ensure you are looking after your physical health. Make sure you Limit (if not remove) unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, drinking and eating highly processed foods.

Social Health – Spend meaningful time with someone in your community
Having the ability to engage in positive, respectful and meaningful relationships provides us with a sense of support and community which is vital for the human existence. For additional support, join the Hit 100 Community!

Environmental Health – Work with a Hit 100 Dietitian in your home
Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs describes safety as the second most important need of the human body. Ensuring our environment provides us with the ability to live safe and healthy lives involves access to uncontaminated water, fresh air, clean living conditions and safe storage of food. Our Hit 100 dietitians work with you in the home to develop skills

Emotional Health – At the end of each day acknowledge at least one accomplishment
When we do not value something we often do not take care of it. Developing a positive sense of self will ensure we value ourselves enough to want to take care of our wellbeing. All humans want to be understood, being able to recognise, accept, understand and share feelings will provide us with communication skills to cope with the challenges that life brings.

Spiritual Health Meditate or Practice Yoga to Relieve Stress
The ability to find peace, harmony and develop strong values helps bring purpose and meaning to your life. Many people find different ways to achieve this depending on their values but one of the best ways of discovering this is through meditation.

Intellectual Health - Develop a Passion by Investing Time in a New Hobby
Be curious about life! Never stop learning and making a commitment to continuing to develop your mind and skill set which will help bring new experiences, purpose and passion in your life.

It may sound like a lot of work having to manage so many aspects of our health, but small changes can make a big impact. By looking after your physical health with a balanced and healthy diet you can create positive side affects that often overflow into other aspects of your life.