How Hit 100 is revolutionising the healthcare industry.

Since the commencement of the NDIS roll-out across Australia, there’s been a huge focus on supporting health and wellbeing, and enabling access to supports which can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Australians with a disability can often find it difficult to access affordable and nutritionally appropriate food options. Unfortunately, this can quite often lead to poor health outcomes and preventable chronic disease, making quality of life even poorer.

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At Hit 100, we saw these patterns and knew there needed to be change within the healthcare industry in Australia, specifically when it comes to our approach to nutrition. We’ve developed a new approach, putting people at the centre of what we do and aiming to make a healthy lifestyle accessible, affordable and enjoyable for our clients.

Healthy meals backed by science

Health fads and crash dieting are short lived and can often be detrimental to your health. At Hit 100 we strive to develop a change in lifestyle, allowing people to make healthy habits part of their daily routines.

We set out knowing that healthy food has a reputation for being unsatisfying or tasteless, which is a stigma we needed to overcome. By using our qualified dietitians, gathering scientifically proven healthy ingredients and conducting food tasting workshops with our clients, we came up with a menu that’s filling, tastes great and is based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Providing affordable meal options

Hit 100 is a registered NDIS provider, enabling our meals to be co-funded by the NDIA. This means our clients pay no more than $2 per main meal, and 50 cents for snacks on our menu. This creates an average weekly food bill of only $49 including meals and snacks, less than half the general Australian average food bill of $122 per week.

Making healthy eating easy

A major obstacle for people with a disability isn’t just consuming healthy food options, it’s the logistics around accessing healthy food easily. If you have a disability, find cooking challenging or cannot easily access grocery stores, enjoying tasty meals that also meet nutritional requirements becomes extremely challenging.

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Our meal plan delivery service means the Hit 100 meals are delivered straight to their door, so there’s no logistical barrier to receiving healthy meal options. Providing frozen meals also alleviates any issues with standing or cooking, as the meals can quickly and easily heat up in the microwave.

Providing ongoing dietary support

We’ve hired a range of qualified dietitians who can support our clients to first understand their specific situation and health goals, and then develop a unique meal plan tailored to the client. We then assist them in following their plan by checking in and offering ongoing support and advice.

Dietitian coaching programs

At Hit 100 we know how important education is in order to understand and upkeep a healthy routine. Our dietitians have a variety of education programs on offer to our clients, families or support workers which cover key skills to build healthy habits and improve overall wellbeing. These programs also allow our clients to join and interact with a wider community on their health journey, and support each other along the way.

“We’re on a mission to radically change the way health care is delivered to, and experienced by, people with disability, chronic health conditions and older Australians.“ Karn, Founder and CEO of Hit 100.

At Hit 100, we put people first, and take pride in helping people live a happier and healthier life.