A look into the nutritional value of Hit 100 meals

With health fads, crash diets and detoxes becoming the norm, it’s hard to know exactly what food you should be eating and how to achieve a balanced, nutritious diet. As part of the Hit 100 service, we cater to individuals on an NDIS plan with different needs, health goals and dietary requirements.

Delivering healthy & nutritious meals

The Hit 100 menu options are designed to be nourishing and balanced without compromising on taste. We’ve invested in researching the best ingredients, recipes, and have held tasting sessions with customers to develop the highest-quality meals.

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By providing microwavable meals, delivered straight to your door, we make good nutrition easy to access and easy to cook without compromising the nutritional value. Microwaving food can retain more nutrients than regular cooking, as you’re not diluting the food with water which gives nutrients an opportunity to seep out of your meal.

Everyone has unique health goals, and our meals plans are tailored to their personal targets which can be tracked and supported by Dietitians. Our services and meal plans target a holistic approach to health which includes nutritional meals, access to support and education. By adopting new healthy behaviours through a Hit 100 meal plan we see many of our customers achieving weight loss and healthy weight management as a result of their change in diet.

Catering to allergies & dietary requirements

As part of your initial consultation with one of our Hit 100 Dietitians, we will assess your specific situation and dietary requirements and offer a range of meals that cater to your goals and preferences. We’re here to help, not judge & enjoying food is our main goal as well.

Our meals have detailed ingredient lists available on the menu, and your Hit 100 Dietitian will work with you to develop a meal plan that contains only suitable ingredients if you experience any allergies.

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Nutritious meals with a variety of tasty options

We’ve developed a menu of balanced and healthy meals that still taste great! Our customers have told us they love variety in their diet, which is why we’ve developed a large menu covering a range of different cuisines and taste profiles. This way you’ll be able to stay healthy and nourished while enjoying a different menu option each day of the week!

To find more about our Hit 100 program, contact our team today at www.hit100.com.au.