Changing the way dietitian support is delivered for NDIS participants across Australia

What is Telehealth?

Thanks to modern day internet communication via tablets, smartphones and computers, receiving the necessary health care and dietitian support for you has just become so much easier. Telehealth in the simplest form is a way of accessing the necessary services and information specific to you through face to face video consultation.

Telehealth has recently become much more popular as it not only allows patients to receive care from any location, but it is much more affordable than spending money travelling to clinics and hospitals trying to seek out answers that you can get from a simple face to face video call.

Why it’s important to us?

The Hit 100 team is dedicated to our mission of providing all Australians with quality health services. Unfortunately, depending on location, daily schedule, and severity of one’s condition, in many cases it can feel like it's nearly impossible to meet in person with a dietitian.

This is why offering Telehealth to all of our customers is something we strongly believe in; no matter the time or location, you are in finger’s reach of our welcoming and skilled team who are excited to work with you in achieving a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Adding our special touch to ensure you’re getting the best care possible

Hit 100 Telehealth isn’t just any health service provider. Our unique system is designed in a way that caters to your individual needs. From offering chronic disease support and monitoring to working with you to form healthier habits, we pride ourselves in our services.


Our regular check-ins via face to face video allows our dietitians, who specialise in disability and aged care services, to work with you and give you the personalised support that you need. In addition to working with your coach, we provide you with self directed educational resources for you and your carer, making it easier for you to stay on top of your health.

It’s essential you’re across your health goals, as such, we’ve designed a system that keeps track of your progress along the way. For us, it isn’t just about finding a short term solution - we strive to find long term outcomes through healthy lifestyle adjustments and strong support systems. All these services are all fully funded if you have an NDIS plan or a Home Care Package.

Learn more about Hit 100 Telehealth service, visit or get in touch with our friendly team by calling 1300 448 100.