We love our customers

Our customers mean the world to us. They are unique, driven and talented people. We are privileged to share some of their stories with you.



Ricky’s life changed overnight back in 2000, after he contracted a blood infection while working. Initially misdiagnosed as the flu, Ricky found himself unable to get out of bed, and his siblings found him unconscious at home. Rushed to Liverpool Hospital, Ricky fell into a coma where he stayed for three months, fed through a tube just to stay alive....


Thom is a fantastic artist. He is also autistic. He uses Hit 100 meals to build independence at meal times. The healthy meals give him more energy to get on with the things he loves.


Meet Harley, a power lifter who wants to focus on his nutrition, "get shredded" and make it to the 2020 Tokyo paralympics. He uses our dietitian coaching services to help him reach his personal bests.


Meet Laura. Laura likes to dance, is a very talented swimmer and basketball player. She also enjoys Hit 100 meals to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle.



Dillan is a typical teenage boy. He likes playing Xbox, eating junk food and has a love of animals. He also wants to learn food portion control and food preparation for when he moves out of home.



Melinda is a passionate volunteer who has MS. She spoke with us to raise awareness on World MS Day. Click the button below to read about Melinda's story.

What our customers say...

“Thank you so much, it has made the life of my son so much better. The food is delicious, he is more inclined to healthier options for his snacks, he looks healthier, happier, satisfied, not craving for sugar”
— Rosalinda P
“Hit 100 meals are cheaper and larger proportions than other providers. They are well-balanced to help me on my health journey which includes managing my weight (I've lost 36kgs so far!) and being active in the Campbelltown NDIS community.”
— Joanne W