Dietitian Coaching: Terms and Conditions

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WhaT we ask from you:

Please let us know if:

• there are any changes to your funding or plan

• you are unable to attend an appointment with as much notice as possible. Our cancellation terms are listed below

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  • We expect that our clinicians are treated with dignity and courtesy.

  • Our clinicians have the right to work in a safe workplace, which includes your home. This means:

    No alcohol consumption during or 2 hours prior to our staff visiting

    No smoking

    No discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality or religion

    No aggressive or threatening behaviour

    Dogs and other animals must be locked away for the duration of the visit

    Your home must be kept in good repair- broken steps must be repaired, lights in good working order especially in dark areas

    If your clinicians are using equipment e.g. a cooking lesson, equipment must be in good working order.

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We understand that schedules change and people get sick. We do our best to accommodate changes to appointments but reserve the right to apply our cancellation policy. This will apply in the case of a cancellation of an appointment which has not been able to be filled by another client.

If an appointment is cancelled within 2 business days, the appointment fee will be charged against your plan.


Travel Terms

For appointments in sites within 10kms of our office or GPO in regional areas, travel time is included in the 60 minute appointment. For these sites, this is expected to be between 5-15 minutes.

For appointments between 10-50kms of our office, or GPO

in regional areas, we calculate travel according to the NDIS terms, that is, claimable travel time (in minutes) = (total kms travelled – 10)

For example, if your home is 40 kms from our office, travel time is calculated as 40-10 = 30 minutes.

For sites more than 50kms from our office, or GPO in regional areas, we will charge travel time separately against your plan. For example, if your home is 75kms from our office, travel is calculated at 75-10 = 65 minutes of travel
at the rate for the relevant therapist. This cost will be confirmed with you prior to scheduling appointments.



Reports will be charged at an hourly rate of $150 per hour. A time estimate will be provided prior to us releasing your report. Note: If a third party requests a report, a Consent to Release Information Form must be completed prior.


Cancellation of Service Plans or Bookings

A service booking may be cancelled in Proda with 14 days’ notice.

If you would like to cancel the service agreement with Hit 100, there are steps that you can follow.

  1. First, please tell us why? Is there something we have done wrong? If so, can we fix it? Did we not meet your expectations? We would love to know how and if we can make it up to you. Please speak with your Case Manager or with our Operation Managers (details on the front page).

  2. If you are certain you would like to cancel, please provide us with written notice of your wish to terminate our services. An email with details will do.

  3. Hit 100 will then process a cancellation of your service booking which takes 14 days.


Feedback & Complaints

We are a customer obsessed organisation and we love to hear from you.

If you are not 100% happy with our service please tell us why and we will do our best to make changes.

If you are excited to tell us how our services have made a difference to you, please get in touch or post a positive comment on facebook. We love reading these!

How to contact us:

  1. Contact your clinician directly.

  2. Contact our Clinical Services Manager: