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Hit 100 Menu

How are your meals healthier than others?

All main meals on our menu are made in accordance with our own very strict nutritional guidelines which include requirements for vegetables, lean protein, energy, saturated fat, sugars, fibre and sodium. We have carefully crafted each recipe on this menu to meet the national standards of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, as well as support healthy weight management, oral health, cardiovascular health and bowel function.

I have certain health needs. How can Hit 100 help me order the right meals?

Hit100 is proud to offer a health solution for all our customers through a dietitian consultation where a meal plan for your specific health needs can be recommended. All our meals have been designed to cater to long term health needs and our dietitians can make an individual assessment and plan that suits your needs best.

Why are there two tray sizes?

Some of our dishes are served with vegetables or carbohydrates like rice on the side, hence the larger and separated tray size. All of our main meals are portioned and created as a main size meal regardless of tray size.

Do you have Gluten Free meals?

Currently we are unable to provide Gluten Free meals at this time. We do provide meals that are Vegetarian, Made Without Wheat Containing Ingredients and Made Without Dairy.

How many vegetable servings are in a main meal?

All our main meals have between 1.5 -2 serves of vegetables as per Australian Guide to Healthy Eating guidelines which is almost 40% of your daily required serves (adults require 5 serves of vegetables per day).

When can we get a hard copy of the menu?

If you want a hard copy of the menu, we can post one out to you. Please give us a call on 1300 448 100 or send us an email

Do you provide texture modified meals?

Yes we will be providing texture modified meal choices towards the end of 2018. Please contact our team to find out more.

How can Hit 100 help me achieve my health goals?

Our team looks at your individual health and lifestyle needs - everything we do is centered around you! We provide tailored support alongside assistance in developing useful strategies to guide you on your journey to better health and independence.

How much does it cost?

Main Meals: You Pay: $2.00 | NDIS Pays: $11.61

Breakfast: You Pay: $1.50 | NDIS Pays: $4.50

Morning Tea Snacks: You Pay: 50c | NDIS Pays: $2.00

Afternoon Tea Snacks: You Pay: 50c | NDIS Pays: $3.50

Hot Snacks and Sides: You Pay: $1.00 | NDIS Pays: $5.00

NDIS covers 100% of the costs of our dietitian coaching.

There are no sign up fees for using Hit 100!

For more information on costs, please Contact Us or call 1300 448 100.

How can I get more information on Hit 100?

Please do not hesitate to call our team on 1300 448 100 or email

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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new funding scheme to support Australians with disablity, their families and carers. Through the NDIS, clients will receive individual funding that they can take with them wherever they live in Australia.

The NDIS empowers people with disability to plan for the lives they want. Eligible clients will receive individual funding to support their plan. As well as choosing the services, clients can also decide when, where and how they receive them.

How do I get started with the NDIS?

You can go to the Access Checklist on the NDIS website and in a few minutes it will tell you if the NDIS can support you. It is a quick and easy assessment based on your needs and supports required for you to live your life. It also checks where you live, so you can find out if the NDIS is available in your area or when it will be.

What is the difference between the NDIS and NDIA?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is the Government body that oversees and implements the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Are we able to choose the type of support we receive on the NDIS?

Yes absolutely! This is what the NDIS is all about. It was established to give you control over how, when and where your supports are provided to you, and choice as to who delivers them. The scheme is all about empowering you and your ability to live.

Before you get involved with the NDIS, think about the disability related servies and supports you have in your life.

Are you being provided with what you need? What is working, what isn't and most importantly, is there anything you would like to change?

How specific can I be when I sit down with a NDIS planner?

You decide.

Think about what you want before you start the process. Information from what your goals and aspirations are, to details about basic day to day necessities and support you require. Think about what works well with the supports you currently receive. Speak with your family, friends and anyone else important to you so that ideas can be shared.

Your planner will discuss everything with you. Your space and participation in the community is the focus. So your planner will discuss things like your strengths and abilities, and help you identify opportunities that will enable you to progress towards the goals in your plan.

Does the NDIS affect my other benefits? E.g. Disability Support Pension, Rental Assistance etc.

The NDIS does not affect your DSP or Rental Assistance. However, when a person transitions to the NDIS their support for transport may be funded in their package and therefore will no longer be eligible for Centrelink mobility allowance.

What happens to my supports while the NDIS transition is happening?

Your current supports do not change while you are making the changeover to the NDIS.

How can Hit 100 help me achieve my goals?

Our team looks at your individual health and lifestyle needs - everything we do is centered around you! We provide tailored support alongside assistance in developing useful strategies to guide you on your journey to better health and independence.

How much does it cost?

Each person will be different. So depending on your plan and your unique health needs and goals, the NDIS can cover 100% of the costs of our dietitian coaching.

Our meal delivery services require a small co-payment of between $1.50 to $2 per meal, with the remaining costs covered through the NDIS.

There are no sign up fees for using Hit 100!

For more information on costs, please Contact Us or call 1300 448 100.

How can I get more information on Hit 100?

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1300 448 100. Our office hours are 8am-6pm Monday - Friday

You can also email us at

How can I get more information on the NDIS?

For more information, you can call the NDIS on 1800 800 110, visit their official NDIS website or contact us with the contact form below.

Meal Delivery

How do I order a meal box?

Simply head on over to our Online Store and browse through all our tasty meals. If you are an NDIS participant please order online, email or call us on 1300 448 100 to place your order before 5PM on a Wednesday.

There are individual meals as well as convenient meal bundles!

How do I pay?

Order and pay over the phone by calling our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 448 100.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a minimum order of 7 main meals with FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Do you deliver to my area?

Currently we deliver to Sydney, Blue Mountains, South Coast, Canberra, Central Coast, Bathurst, Goulburn, Hunter, Melbourne and Geelong regions. Be sure to keep an eye out though, we are growing (rapidly!) and can't wait to deliver to more areas.

If we don't currently deliver to your area, please Contact Us with your postcode and we'll see what we can do for you!

What time do you deliver?

Our drivers are committed to giving you the best possible customer experience. Delivery day will depend on your region.

-Sydney Metro and Wollongong will receive delivery on MONDAY in one of the following time slots, which you can choose:

Night 12am - 7am

Day 8am - 6pm

-Canberra customers will receive their boxes on MONDAY between 8am-6pm

-Newcastle and Central Coast customers will receive their boxes on TUESDAY in one of the following time slots, which you can choose:

Night 12am - 7am

Day 8am - 6pm

-Goulburn customers will receive their boxes on TUESDAY between 8am-6pm

-Blue Mountains customers will receive their boxes on WEDNESDAY between 8am-6pm

-Melbourne, Geelong customers will receive their boxes on TUESDAY Between 8am-6pm

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery

This depends on what time slot you choose to receive your delivery:

  • Night 12am-7am
  • Day 8am - 6pm It's not essential to be home, however some people do prefer it. Our drivers can leave your box wherever you request if you are not home.

Just give us a call if you weren’t 100% happy with where the box was left and we’ll do what we can to fix any issues.

Can I change to another meal box option?

Of course! We want you to look forward to your meals and we encourage your choice.

If you have ordered one of our dietitian-designed boxes you can just contact our Customer Service team to make any changes to your order.

Are my payment details protected?

We strive to ensure that credit card transactions are processed in a secure environment. Our payment systems are provided by Ezi Debit and NAB who both have the highest payment security accreditation – PCI Level 1. This means that you can rest assured your personal banking information is being handled with the highest level of payment security

How do I unpack my delivery box?

We love our food and take extreme care to ensure that it reaches you in great condition. The best thing for your food is to remove it from the box as soon as possible after it has been delivered and put it away in the freezer or fridge, as per the instructions to make sure your food stays fresh.

What is the best way to heat the meals?

Our meals are best enjoyed when first thawed for 24 hours in the fridge, and then heated in a conventional fan-forced oven. However, if you are short on time, microwaving is a suitable option. Individual heating instructions are also printed on each meal packet for your convenience.

Dietitian Coaching

What makes Hit 100 meals healthy?

Our meals have been developed by our team of Dietitians, and prepared by our Chefs to ensure that what you are eating isn't just good for you - but tastes great too!

All of our are meals are:

  • based on the latest healthy eating guidelines,
  • portion controlled,
  • nutritionally balanced - containing the right proportion of non-starchy vegetables, low-GI carbohydrates, healthy fats and quality proteins.

Are dietitians and meal delivery services covered through the NDIS?

Yes they sure are! You might be surprised to hear that dietitians AND meal delivery services can be included in your NDIS plan!

If you require these services, be sure to ask your planner during your meeting. For further assistance in planning to see your NDIS planner, please get in touch by calling us on 1300 448 100 or Contact Us here.

What does the dietitian do?

As part of the NDIS scheme, dietitians are funded to provide dietary coaching and assistance. Our dietitians at Hit 100 provide tailored support, with over the phone and home visits to make sure you are comfortable and are not inconvenienced in any way to receive support. Dietitians will provide our food samples, develop a nutritional plan and work with you to learn about portion control, meal planning and food preparation.

Can I lose weight if I eat Hit 100 meals?

Whilst we are not a 'weight-loss' company, you are able to lose weight if you would like to - if weight loss is your goal.

Simply let us know whether losing weight is a priority for you when creating your health profile. Our primary aim is to help you develop long-term eating habits and our meals are satisfying, well balanced and designed to meet your requirements.

What if I am allergic to some foods?

All our meals and snacks come with a list of ingredients, so you can see what goes into your food. We prepare your meals and snacks in an open kitchen so foods may come into contact with each other when being prepared.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens from our food. If you have any questions about the ingredients in our food please Contact Us.

For more information on food allergies see here,

Can you cater to specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free?

Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to take requests for individual dietary requirements. However, feel free to Contact Us to express your interest around a specific dietary requirement, as we are always looking for ways to improve our menu!

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