Increased impact, innovation
and influence

Hit 100 recognise that collaborating can help us to create healthy communities that thrive.

A partnership to us means combined and increased impact, innovation and influence. Hit 100 builds partnerships based on respect, shared goals and positive outcomes.

If you are an organisation or individual that shares our vision of giving every Australian the resources, education and access to live healthy, independent and full lives – we would love to hear from you.

Contact Jen Berryman, our Director of Partnerships on 0407 937 851 to discuss collaborating further.


Interested in having one of our team present to your staff or clients?

The Hit 100 health and nutrition workshops have been specially designed for people living with a disability, their carers and support staff.

Led by our community team, these workshops will teach clients how to maintain and improve their health through better food choices.

Our workshops are around 30min - 2 hours depending on the size of the group/s. The best part, we come to you and it’s a free service we provide to our community!