Perfect nutrition for MS Sufferers.

There is growing evidence which suggests that a properly balanced and nutritionally formulated diet can make a huge difference to the lives of those suffering from MS and its associated symptoms.

At Hit 100, we provide tailored nutritional and dietary solutions to those who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Our aim is to promote health, well-being, and a higher quality of life through excellent nutrition.


Take control of your health with Hit 100.

We provide great-tasting, wholesome food solutions that follow the "Australian Guide to Healthy Eating".  We also have expert dietitians to help you achieve your health goals. By combining good food and good science, our service helps our customers lead healthier and happier lives.

The right nutrition solution can help MS sufferers sleep better, feel more energised, improve  cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce  discomfort.


We believe in a world where every person has the resources to live a happy healthy life, and we're energetic about driving change to create health equity.

We're passionate about supporting people living with disability to achieve their individual goals and live healthy, full lives.

We are on a mission to change the fact that people living with disability suffer more health issues than the rest of the population. 

How Hit 100 can help you

At Hit 100, we provide two core services to help MS sufferers achieve perfect nutrition:


Dietitian Service

Our dietitian coaching sessions are tailored to you and can include:

  • Identifying food allergies

  • Identifying nutritional gaps

  • Cooking classes

  • Shopping tours

  • Food engagement games.


Meal Delivery

We provide great-tasting, wholesome food solutions, which can help you with:

  • Identifying food allergies

  • Identifying nutritional gaps

  • Cooking classes

  • Shopping tours

  • Food engagement games.


A typical day on Hit 100:


We love to support Australian producers wherever we can.
In fact, 100% of our meat and chicken and, whenever possible, our vegetables comes from Australia! All our meals are prepared and packed in Australia by our team of chefs.



Funded through the NDIS


Your NDIS plan can fund meal preparation, delivery and dietitian coaching. 
All you need to pay for is the food itself through a small co-payment. 



$1.50 per meal



$2.00 per meal



$1.00 per snack


$2.00 per meal

Ready to get started?


Call us on 1300 448 100 or fill in the form below to talk to one of our friendly team. 
We will create your service agreement and talk you through how it works! 

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