Why choose Hit 100 Meals?

We combined the expertise and science of a team of Dietitians and the skills and taste buds of a team of Chefs to create a menu of options that taste good and support your health & well being goals.

The Hit 100 Menu
1. Reflects current dietary guidelines .
2. Is flexible to accommodate different lifestyles, dietary goals and eating preferences.
3. Promotes better food and beverage choices and an overall improvement in diet.
4. Recognises the importance of taste and the enjoyment of food and mealtimes in quality of life. And
5. Supports customers and their carers in improving health and well being outcomes throughout their lives.

Each Hit 100 Meal is


Low in

sat fat.png

Low in saturated fat


High in


Made with
low GI carbohydrates

Meal Plans

The most effective way to achieve your goals with the support of Hit 100 meals is to utilise our Dietitian designed meal plans.

We have a variety of pre-built boxes to meet a range of goals and support needs? We also have a team of Nutritionist’s that can talk to you about your individual needs and design for you a bespoke meal plan that takes into account your preferences and gives you variety each week.

Benefits of the Hit 100 Meal Plan:

  • Take the stress out of mealtimes.

  • Get consistency in eating the right foods to keep your health on track

  • Enjoy a variety of different meals each week

  • Get access to FREE additional support and resource

find out more by clicking on any of the meal plans below:   

Main Meals









Morning Tea

Afternoon tea

HOT snacks and side dishes

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