We strongly believe that good health starts with the food you eat and our team are so excited to be launching our new menu in June! Our dietitians have been working alongside our resident chef to bring you new options of specially designed meals that we can guarantee are the healthiest for our customers!


The upcoming menu includes meals that are


Low in sodium

sat fat.png

Low in saturated fat


High in fibre

low gi.png

Made with low GI carbohydrates


Options that align with


Hospital nutrition guidelines


Cardiovascular special diet


Diabetes special diets


We have carefully crafted each recipe on this menu to meet the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, and also support healthy weight management, oral health, cardiovascular health and bowel function!

As the weather gets colder, warm up with our Asian inspired Fish and Coconut Curry or our mouth watering Beef Goulash! Pub meals never tasted so good with our old fashioned, Chicken Parma or the Classic Spag Bol!  Whatever your taste buds our new menu has plenty to choose from and, of course, we’ve kept some of your favourites there too!

Got a question? Read our FAQs on the new menu



Dinner / Main Meal

Lunch / Light Meal


Snacks and Soups

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