Every Hit 100 customer receives their own individualised plan, that can combine a specialist program, with Dietitian support, health coaching and healthy home-delivered meals to help you increase capacity, keep control of your health and achieve real outcomes.




Our programs provide a fun, interactive way to learn the key skills required to stay in control of your health and nutrition

Through expert designed learning modules, our Health Coaches and Dietitians will ensure you have the skills you need to achieve your goals

By choosing a Hit 100 program, you’ll get access to dedicated resources and a community that will support your journey


Dietitian Support


Our team of Dietitians provide an extra level of support to those with more complex needs

Conducting complete nutritional and health assessments, our team can design a more detailed program to ensure your needs are met

For an expert clinical solution, supporting everything from weight management to food intolerances, and chronic disease support, look no further


Healthy Meals Delivered


If cooking is a skill you’re still working on, or you find it difficult to manage around your busy life then the Hit 100 healthy meals may be for you

We put a team of Dietitians and Nutritionists with a team of Chefs to develop a menu of healthy meals that not only taste great but will support your health goals

Our team will design for you a meal plan that will take the stress out of eating healthy or for that little extra control, order online or over the phone.


Our Service Regions


Hit 100 is proudly supporting areas such as the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Central Coast, Greater Sydney, Wollongong and ACT.

We have recently expanded into Melbourne and Geelong and will be available in Queensland and South Australia in the coming months.

To check if we support your area, type in your postcode below

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