Perfect nutrition,
personalised support.

Nutrition is more than just food. 

Hit 100’s dietitian team understands the power your social environment and mental wellbeing can have on  your nutrition. Building a supportive environment for our Hit 100 clients that works cohesively with their existing support network is a vital part of what Hit 100 do.

With Hit 100 you have the confidence to know that you are working with a team dedicated to supporting you through the ups and downs. Each of your meals have been specifically designed to suit your needs and have been formulated by our dietitian team to meet the Australian Guide to Healthy eating.

We work with you both in the home and in your community to ensure you are set up for success, so you can take the stress out of meal times and focus on your health.


What sets us apart?


We set ourselves apart from the pack by providing a personalised service specific to the needs and goals of your clients.

Our focus is to not only improve their nutritional health with our dietitian designed meal plans, but to also make a positive impact on their social and personal well-being.


Your clients will experience a wide range of benefits from our services including:

  • Independence

  • Nutritional Education

  • Life Skills Training (Cooking)

  • Improved Health and Well-being

  • Additional Support

How we integrate with your NDIS plan

Our NDIS approved services integrate into your clients' NDIS plan with funding from
Core Supports, Improved Daily Living and Improved Health and Wellbeing
We have a range of services each with the ability to be customised to our customers’ needs and goals.


NDIS Dietitian Service

Our dietitian coaching sessions are tailored and can include:

  • Identifying food allergies

  • Identifying nutritional gaps

  • Cooking classes

  • Shopping tours

  • Food engagement games.

The service is NDIS funded under
Improved Daily living or Improved Health and Wellbeing.

If you have funding in either of these areas in your NDIS plan then it is completely paid for and there is no gap, meaning no cost to you.


NDIS Meal Delivery

We provide great-tasting, wholesome food solutions. Our meals are:

  • Created by our chefs

  • Crafted by our dietitians

  • Healthy and nutritious

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Wide ranging and delicious!

NDIS funded under Core Support within Assistance with Meal Preparation and Delivery. 

The NDIS funds the cost of preparing, packaging and delivery of healthy foods with the maximum cost to the customer of just $2 per main meal.


A typical day on Hit 100:


We love to support Australian producers wherever we can.
In fact, 100% of our meat and chicken and, whenever possible, our vegetables comes from Australia! All our meals are prepared and packed in Australia by our team of chefs.



“You have made the life of my son so much better. The food is delicious, he is choosing better food for snacks,
he looks happier, not craving for sugar”


“Thank you so much! Through Hit 100 my care workers are being supported to help me make better choices I am happier and healthier every day”


“Hit 100 meals are cheaper and larger proportions than other providers. They are well-balanced to help me manage my weight - I've lost 36kgs so far!”


"Caitlin my dietitian has helped me pick meals and understand healthy eating. I started with Hit 100 at 180kg's and have lost 22kg since January! Thank you!"


Ready to get started?


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